The ACIT, Central Circle-2(2),, v. Shri Chimanlal M. Shah,,

ITSSA 71/AHD/2004 | misc
Pronouncement Date: 30-03-2012 | Result: Dismissed

Appeal Details

RSA Number 7120516 RSA 2004
Bench Ahmedabad
Appeal Number ITSSA 71/AHD/2004
Duration Of Justice 8 year(s) 15 day(s)
Appellant The ACIT, Central Circle-2(2),,
Respondent Shri Chimanlal M. Shah,,
Appeal Type Income Tax (Search & Seizure) Appeal
Pronouncement Date 30-03-2012
Appeal Filed By Department
Order Result Dismissed
Bench Allotted A
Tribunal Order Date 30-03-2012
Date Of Final Hearing 02-02-2012
Next Hearing Date 02-02-2012
Assessment Year misc
Appeal Filed On 15-03-2004