ITA 2142/CHNY/2019 | 2014-15
Pronouncement Date: 07-11-2021 | Result: Dismissed

Appeal Details

RSA Number 214221714 RSA 2019
Bench Chennai
Appeal Number ITA 2142/CHNY/2019
Duration Of Justice 2 year(s) 3 month(s) 20 day(s)
Appeal Type Income Tax Appeal
Pronouncement Date 07-11-2021
Appeal Filed By Assessee
Order Result Dismissed
Bench Allotted D
Assessment Year 2014-15
Appeal Filed On 17-07-2019
Judgment Text
आयकर अपील य अ धकरण ‘डी’ यायपीठ चेनई IN THE INCOME TAX APPELLATE TRIBUNAL ‘D’ BENCH CHENNAI ी महावीर संह उपाय एवं ी जी. मंज ु नाथ लेखा सद&य के सम BEFORE SHRI MAHAVIR SINGH VICE-PRESIDENT AND SHRI G.MANJUNATHA ACCOUNTANT MEMBER आयकर अपील सं./I . T. A. N o. 2 1 4 0 t o 2 1 4 2 / Ch ny / 2 01 9 ( नधारणवष / A s se s s m e nt Yea r : 2 01 3- 14 201 3- 1 4 & 20 14- 1 5) Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram Sampath 3 Multi Industrial Nagar Gerugambakkam Porur Chennai-600 116. V s The Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax Central Processing Cell-TDS Ghaziabad-201 010. P AN: A A NP S 2 9 5 2 G (अपीलाथ/Appellant) (यथ/Respondent) अपीलाथकओरसे/ Appellant by : None यथकओरसे/Respondent by : Ms. R.Anita Addl.CIT स ु नवाईकतारख/D a t e o f h e a r i n g : 08.11.2021 घोषणाकतारख /D a t e o f P r o n o u n c e m e n t : 08.11.2021 आदेश / O R D E R Per BENCH: These three appeals filed by the assessee are directed against separate but identical order passed by the learned CIT(A)-17 Chennai all dated 16.05.2019 and pertain to assessment years 2013-14 2013-14 & 2014-15. 2. At the time of hearing none appeared on behalf of the assessee. We have heard learned DR and also perused the materials available on record. The assessee has filed a letter along with Form No.5 issued by the Department under ‘Vivad se Vishwas Scheme 2020’ and submitted that the assessee 2 ITA No. 2140 to 2142/Chny/2019 has availed the VSVS scheme to settle its pending disputes. The assessee further submitted that the Department has accepted applications filed by the assessee and issued Form 5 quantifying amount of taxes payable under VSVS scheme. Therefore the assessee submitted that both these appeals filed by the assessee may be dismissed as withdrawn. The ld. DR on the other hand has no objection for dismissing the appeals as the Designated Authority has issued Form 5. Therefore considering the fact that the assessee has filed application for withdrawal of appeals and has also filed Form 5 issued by the Department we dismiss these three appeals filed by the assessee as withdrawn. However a liberty is given to the assessee to restore the appeals in case the application filed by the assessee before the Designated Authority is rejected for any reason. 3. In the result these three appeals filed by the assessee are dismissed as withdrawn. Order pronounced in the open court on 8 th November 2021 Sd/- Sd/- (महावीर संह) ( जी. मंज ु नाथ ) (Mahavir Singh) (G. Manjunatha ) उपाय/ Vice-President लेखा सद%य / Accountant Member चे'नई/Chennai 3 ITA No. 2140 to 2142/Chny/2019 (दनांक/Dated 8 th November 2021 DS आदेश क  त*ल+प अ े+षत/Copy to: 1. Appellant 2. Respondent 3. आयकर आय ु -त (अपील)/CIT(A) 4. आयकर आय ु -त/CIT 5. +वभागीय  त न1ध/DR 6. गाड फाईल/GF.