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Income Tax

city PUNE profession CA firm-name P. S. SHINGTE AND CO

Income Tax

city SOLAPUR profession CA firm-name DEEPAK GADGIL

Income Tax GST Representation before Authorities Trademark, Patents and other IPRs Merger and Acquisition

city AGRA profession Advocate firm-name Amit Goyal Advocate

Income Tax GST Finance Legal Services Secretarial Services Company law Matters Representation before Authorities

city REWARI state Haryana profession CA firm-name ANU JAIN & COMPANY

Income Tax

city GURGAON state Haryana profession CA firm-name ShineWing India

Income Tax GST Finance Investment in Securities and Mutual Funds

city MUMBAI state Maharashtra profession CA firm-name N B JHUNJHUNWALA AND CO

At, we have always believed that for any taxpayers services, the proximity to the permanent place of business of the taxpayer to the offices of any professional consultants always contributes to an increase in the efficiency of the said service. Thus, the page “Find Consultant” provides list of professionals near you along with the area of Expertise like GST, International Taxation, IFRS Compliance, Intellectual Properties, FEMA etc. You may send an inquiry to the Professionals directly by clicking on “Online Consultation” and engage with the Professional on independent basis.

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