1. The user can search using natural language and filter down the search results based on Bench, Judge name, Counsel name, Important Keywords, Sections, Assessment year or year of pronouncement which are attributed to each case based on AI and machine learning. User can also choose to view only the cases which are favourable or the cases which are against the assessee.
  2. On clicking a Case, user is directed to "Case details" page where the user can either
    • Download the Judgement in PDF format.
    • Share the Judgement to its client or community groups through Social media like Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter
    • Click on the "assessee name" to populate cases of other years of the same assessee which is very helpful for squarely covered matters. Attempt is made to bring together all the cases of the same assessee even though there are different spelling of assessee in different cases.
  3. There is a Public profile made of each "Judge" of Appellate Tribunal so analysis of past cases having similar issues may be done easily and user can make a more predictive search.
  4. User can create its own folders based on his "client name" whose case is to be represented or based on "issue" and he may surf and research the repository of cases and add Judgements which may be helpful for his case to his personalised folders by clicking on "Add to favourites". There is folder named "Default" pre-created for each user. While adding the case to favourites, user can also append his own Remarks which shall also now be visible privately to the particular user in search results.
  5. User can Subscribe to Newsletters to keep receiving Weekly Case laws with "Catch note Summary from experts" and stay updated.


  1. If you have to present before any income tax authority one thing which is very common and highly recommended is submission of compilation of case laws containing Judicial Precedence and landmark decisions.
  2. www.itatorders.in not only provides you a research tool to scout the relevant cases from our database but also helps to create custom folders and map cases to folder. Further you can add your custom case laws from your PC.
  3. Our Unique case law index tool shall:
    • Auto Prepare index of case Laws in tabular format along with sequence and page number within a second.
    • After generation of caselaw index you can edit the content of index using our exclusive editor and generate final output.
    • Our software shall auto number each page of set of the judgment and compilation of case law is all ready to present before the relevant IT authority.
    • The research in My Favourite is totally free to use with unlimited judgment mapping. However for generation of compilation of judgment every user shall get first 5 generation of case law Index at free of cost after which the user shall have to upgrade to ITAT PRO which shall allow up to 500 case laws index and shall be valid for 1 year.

Income tax Customised Research Service

If you have any litigation pending before any authority like CIT(A), Tribunal, High Court or if you have received any show cause notice from your Assessing officer from any part of India or if you simply required legal opinion on any issue, you can simply upload the order of lower authorities or document submitted before the lower authorities and our Dedicated research team consisting of Chartered Accountants and Advocates shall deliver set of judicial pronouncements applicable to your issue.

Our Deliverables:

  1. Relevant facts of the case presented in easy and understandable format.
  2. Provision of laws and section applicable to your issue.
  3. Compilation of case laws indexed and serially numbered in a format that can be directly submitted to the court.
  4. A file containing gist of all the cases in a favour of the assessee along with details about the cases which are in the favour of the revenue.

Four Simple Steps to opt our service:

  1. Place an order online by filling simple Application Form.
  2. You can pay fees online or choose for “Pay Later” services and order shall be generated in “My Orders” section.
  3. One of our team members shall be assigned to your order who shall work on the research project for around 3-7 working days and after due input from the Senior counsel the project shall be delivered along with case law index and document containing gist of relevant judgements.
  4. During the process of research if any further details are required to be exchanged the same shall be done through our interactive comment section.


  1. Itatorders.in collects publicly available information on cases filed and disposed by the income tax appellate authorities. Curating the judgements through employing a team of professionals to extract information from these judgments is a tedious and time consuming process and this is where the technique of machine learning is being harnessed . Our team of experts at www.itatorders.in have developed a BOT which has the ability to identify the judges presiding in the case, lawyers appearing in cases, assessee party type, and other information like PAN, duration of justice etc.
  2. However we would like to give a disclaimer that information available on our forums may contain errors. This information once processed may give incorrect, or incomplete results.
  3. This is because the algorithm developed through BOT have limitations because of the following reasons:
    • Each author of the order has a different style and format for drafting an order and there may be instances where their names are written differently in different orders e.g. “R.K. Thakkar” written as “Rajesh Thakkar” or “Rajesh M Thakkar” or “Rajesh Mohan Thakkar” and the BOT has to be taught that all these names represents the same member judge.
    • Many times simple words like advocate, Chartered Accountant are also misspelled which limits the power of machine learning.
    • In many cases, common orders are passed for multiple cases of different assessee’s or cross appeals are decided by common order. In this cases, it is not possible to identify the counsel for department or counsel for assessee separately.
    • Some PDF files are scanned documents which can not be read by BOT and there are cases where information is in Hindi which creates error while parsing the file.
  4. These problems are widespread and all the efforts have been made to take into account various Permutations and combinations to minimise the errors and our deployed team also works diligently to cure these errors manually through our control panel, and we are constantly improving our search engine with more focus on context rather than content and the user shall see the improvements with roll out of each new version of BOT.

Any suggestions are welcome through our Feedback Form.