Skanska Cementation International Ltd.,, Baroda v. The ACIT., Circle-6,, Baroda

ITA 54/AHD/2007 | 2000-2001
Pronouncement Date: 05-03-2010 | Result: Partly Allowed

Appeal Details

RSA Number 5420514 RSA 2007
Bench Ahmedabad
Appeal Number ITA 54/AHD/2007
Duration Of Justice 3 year(s) 2 month(s) 1 day(s)
Appellant Skanska Cementation International Ltd.,, Baroda
Respondent The ACIT., Circle-6,, Baroda
Appeal Type Income Tax Appeal
Pronouncement Date 05-03-2010
Appeal Filed By Assessee
Order Result Partly Allowed
Bench Allotted D
Tribunal Order Date 05-03-2010
Date Of Final Hearing 09-02-2010
Next Hearing Date 09-02-2010
Assessment Year 2000-2001
Appeal Filed On 03-01-2007